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The extensive range of services provided by ElbMonteure includes the planning, calculation, installation and support / maintenance of sanitary, heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems in various size ranges. Our technically experienced staff consists of technicians, top installers and masters - including tools and machines. You need reinforcement during welding – e.g. in pipeline construction – or in electrical work? Again, we are at the start for your specialist company.


In short: With us you can not just hire staff. Rather, you benefit from an all-round carefree package, because in contrast to temporary work, we as a subcontractor take full responsibility for our work. We work both on the basis of works contracts and independent employment contracts as well as in the context of a commercial temporary employment agency. Trust in our work as a reliable contract partner! Our philosophy: Thinking instead of running along!

By the way: We act on behalf of specialist companies both in the Hamburg area as well as throughout Germany, in Austria, in Switzerland and internationally.

Sanitary / Plumbing

  • sanitary equipment
  • Water technology / wastewater technology
  • Swimming pool technology
  • water treatment
  • hygiene measures
  • line restoration

Heating / power generation

  • Heating Units
  • Steam boiler plants
  • Hot water systems
  • Thermal heat pumps
  • biomass heating
  • Solarthermics
  • cogeneration units
  • district heating
  • Heat distribution: underfloor heating, wall surface heating, hot air blower, radiators etc.
  • hydraulic balancing of heating systems



  • Commercial cooling
  • industrial plants
  • air conditioning
  • Computer cooling
  • natural refrigerants
  • Chiller units


  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • operation suite ventilation / air conditioning
  • Ventilation special solutions

Pipeline construction

  • Laying, repair and maintenance of gas and water pipes
  • Pipe renovation / pipe cleaning / pipe intake
  • Maintenance work on gas pressure, measuring and control systems
  • Local network gas, water and district heating, including the construction of domestic service and indoor installations
  • Production of multi-line house entries as a complete service
  • Use of application-specific materials: copper, galvanized copper, steel, stainless steel, plastics (PP, PE, PVC, etc.)
  • 6 TIG- / Autogenous welding teams (DN15 to DN350)

Electrical engineering / installation

  • common electrical work
  • Assembly & installation
  • Building services, smart home
  • cable railway construction
  • lighting technology
  • Connection work, system installation
  • Fire and alarm systems
  • EDP and telephone systems
  • Data and network technology
  • Gate drives, distribution construction
  • Industrial and commercial buildings

Welding technology

  • Autogenous welders
  • TIG welders
  • MIG / MAG welders
  • certified teams with certificates (DN15 to DN350)
  • own welding master
  • 60 welders German-wide in Action

Building drying & water damage elimination

  • Room and building drying during and after the construction phase
  • Fast and safe assistance with water damage, from the location of the leak to the removal of tiles and drying
  • Drying and renovation after building fires
  • Use of highly efficient techniques, e.g. professional system screed insulation layer drying, wall drying, flat roof drying, manhole and cavity drying,Surface drying, infrared drying, microwave drying
  • Modern equipment for successful building drying, e.g. Adsorption dehumidifiers, sound boxes with side channel blowers, water separators, HEPA filters, silencers, condensation dryers, absorbers, infrared plates, fans, circulating air blowers
  • Leakage location / damage location by different location methods and measurement techniques, e.g. Humidity measuring equipment, tube camera, digital manometer, thermography camera, video endoscopy, electroacoustics, radio frequency method, gas detector, fluorescent signal color

Our Company

ElbMonteure acts as a subcontractor / personnel service provider for the reliable execution of installation, installation and maintenance services exclusively for specialist companies. At fair conditions including tools and machines. Contact us! 

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