07. November 2019
For some time, a proud residential district has been growing on the edge of the Geesthacht harbor near Hamburg. It was not until May 2019 that Ed. Züblin AG, based in Stuttgart, laid the foundation for the construction of a further 244 residential units with a project volume of around 57 million €. Completion in Geesthacht is planned for the end of 2021. Twenty ElbMonteure assemblers support local heating and plumbing installations – currently with the extensive piping of rental apartments.
16. April 2019
Several teams of Die ElbMonteure are currently busy building heating and plumbing installations for a leading company in Schwerin. In this project with hundreds of apartments The ElbMonteure appear as a subcontractor and give warranty according to VOB. Probably until the end of 2019 we are busy working in the “City-Nord”.
22. March 2019
In Germany's capital, Die ElbMonteure are currently commissioned by a renowned, regional TGA company. The mission: Proud 500 residential units are equipped by our technicians with the latest domestic technology. So 30 of our assemblers currently operate in Berlin. They have rehearsed a fine installation choreography in terms of heating, plumbing and ventilation.
15. February 2019
Several assembly teams of Die ElbMonteure are currently working for the construction site container provider ALGECO, with a focus on northern Germany. Our goal is to expand the cooperation with ALGECO and to support the sanitary, heating and air conditioning installation for modular containers throughout Germany. It is not only about the installation of the known trades, but also about the construction of the container as a holistic package.
14. February 2019
Our network specialists are active throughout Europe for the IT service and infrastructure provider CANCOM. Current task: For a large corporation, our guys change network cables from CAT-5 to CAT-7. A real diligence task, which we implement reliably and quickly.
29. January 2019
In addition to many other construction sites throughout Germany, we are currently also active in the Hanseatic City of Bremen: Specifically, we are busy installing the Überseestadt Office Center, a six-storey office building with a load-bearing outer facade and state-of-the-art building technology. Several ElbMonteure teams assemble the sprinkler system as well as heating and sanitary systems on site.
28. January 2019
"ARD-aktuell" at NDR in Hamburg is the joint editorial office of all ARD broadcasters (German television) for the current television programs "Tagesschau", "Tagesthemen" and "Nachtmagazin" and "tagesschau24" and the online offer "tagesschau.de". The staff of all these editorships are expected to work in the fall of 2019 in an emerging new construction on an area of ​​1996 square meters. For the construction, a total of about 13.7 million euros are estimated. On board are Die ElbMonteure.
22. December 2018
Biomedical, chemical and experimental laboratories as well as security areas are being built on an area of around 7,000 square meters for the interdisciplinary research work of 350 scientists in the current "Biomedical Research" (BMF, "Biomedizinische Forschung") building of the University of Lübeck in Northern Germany. Less scholarly, but nevertheless as demanding and sweaty one may designate the tasks of the ElbMonteure locally. We take care of heating, refrigeration and heat recovery. This...
21. December 2018
Our project manager Michael Mohrmann negotiated a great project again: Die Elbmonteure were commissioned to carry out the plumbing and heating work for the new construction project "Leben am Königsturm" with 35 residential units in Schwäbisch-Gmünd. The client is the renowned Heinrich Weinbuch GmbH from Süssen. The 35 condominiums in the center of Schwäbisch Gmünd are spread over 5 apartment buildings from approx. 47 m² to approx. 107 qm living space. The modern architectural language...
19. September 2018
As one of our numerous top fitters, Norbert Balla has been loyal to us for many years and works top-reliable on a variety of major construction sites. His current project: Norbert Balla is carrying out comprehensive heating and plumbing installations in a new housing development at the naval base in the "Hamburger Freihafen" on behalf of Apleona with 9 Elb engineers in tow.

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