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Die ElbMonteure introduce themselves.

Patrick Hering, Founder & Assembly Manager

Patrick is a trained central heating and ventilation engineer. At the age of 16 Patrick started his apprenticeship at Schwarzenberg in Mölln near Hamburg (Germany), where he gained experience as a journeyman. Followed by two years in Zurich for the installation of large-scale systems (sanitary, heating, refrigeration) and heat pumps. A time that has shaped the self-made man. After his return, Patrick finally founded his first sole proprietorship at the tender age of 23: services for heating, plumbing and welding companies. Today known as "Die ElbMonteure".

Elise Ringe, managing director

With more than 380 rough guys on the job site and some of them in the office, it feels good to have some female souls on board to keep the level up. First and foremost Elise, who tames our guys successfully – and leads the company with great prudence and foresight as a managing director.

DIRK HARTWIG, Managing Director

As managing director, "paper guru" and finance minister Dirk keeps the money together - and knows how to successfully throw a 380-man operation. The Business Economist (HWK) has been working with great success in personnel leasing for many years, with a focus on heating, sanitation and electrical engineering. Great that Dirk keeps the company on course. 


Malte is managing the Hamburg branch of Die ElbMonteure GmbH. Prior to his ElbMonteure commitment, Malte was sales manager for a nationwide HR service provider. The passionate HSV fan prefers to recover from the positive stress of his everyday work in the countryside with his girlfriend, child, dog and lots of other animals. 


Vivian has been supporting our Hamburg branch manager Malte since November 2019 as an assistant. Since the trained office clerk convinces even with "complex" interlocutors from the very beginning by her charming nature, her area of responsibility is diversified. Among other things, she will also support the recruitment of DieElbMonteure. The girl from Hamburg loves Germany's most beautiful city and even more Germany's most beautiful dog: her English Bulldog. Great to have you in the team!


As an experienced project manager, Artemio always has a precise plan when it comes to pulling many strings. As a result, the graduate communications designer also knows at all times where our technicians are working, which teams work best together and how the boys can be most efficiently planned for the next project. His drama and speaker training helps him to always make the right announcements. The planning and execution of events as well as the strategic planning of advertising campaigns belong to Artemio's strengths. 


Christopher Vogler is an original Hamburg boy. His unbelievable responsiveness in picking up telephone handsets means that almost every one of our customers and partners has heard his voice before. In addition, there is a maximum organizational talent that has made him head of the disposition of ElbMonteure GmbH. Christopher likes to spend his free time with his dog Eik. Again, fast reactions are needed.

Reiner Strauhs, Office/Dispatcher

Reiner joined Die ElbMonteure in 2018. The trained central heating and ventilation engineer has also been a state-certified technician for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology since 1993. In addition, the passionate dancer, cyclist and bookworm has a quarter of a century of experience as a site manager on the hump. He describes the conversion of the ship "Rotterdam" to a hotel ship as his most exciting project so far. His experience gives us a lot.

HOLGER MÜLLER, Office/Dispatcher

Holger was born in the first year of the "Bundesliga" in the zodiac sign of the lion. However, the “old hand” is not a fan of the "Munich Lions" football club. Holger’s passion is more of literature, the family and his original home. After all, the trained business administration graduate grew up in beautiful Mecklenburg, Eastern Germany. Holger has been working in the field of temporary work / personnel services since 1999, fortunately for Die ElbMonteure since May 2019. 

Kai Klemke, Dispatcher

Kai Klemke was born in Lüneburg – but now lives with his wife and two children in the beautiful Winsen an der Luhe. Despite his young years, the sports and dog friend can look back on a wide variety of job qualifications. The trained master baker was already plant manager in a concrete plant and knows how to coordinate employees and procedures. Perfect for his tasks with the Die ElbMonteure. In his free time, Kai cruises around on his Harley, enjoying family life and one or the other XXL steak. His motto: "Everything under 500 g is Carpaccio."


Erik was born in Magdeburg on the Elbe, so it fits perfectly Die ElbMonteure in Hamburg, because he did not have to change “his" river. Erik has learned temporary work from scratch – both as a temporary worker and as a dispatcher. And because Erik is so good, our Hamburg branch manager Malte has directed him to Die ElbMonteure. Erik enjoys spending his spare time on the couch or relaxing on his motorbike. Nice to have you in the team!


Christian is an organization genius. This helps him to devote himself primarily to the management of management tasks in the back office at Die ElbMonteure. His main focus is the standardization of administration processes in order to make them scalable. For even more efficiency in daily business and beyond. The family man never loses his overview, because in earlier years he worked as a croupier in a casino. Today Christian also leads a trendy burger restaurant. Top man!


Jan has been on board since September 2019 and is already bringing plenty of fresh ideas to Die ElbMonteure. With his Bachelor of Arts in Media and his additional education as a merchant for audiovisual media and a lot of social media content experience, he is the perfect man for our external presentation. While his job life is digitally determined, in private life Jan finds sufficient compensation with analogue photography as well as analog craftsmanship and football.


Florin Sipos has been living in Germany for a decade. In his native Romania he was not only a player consultant, but also a sporting goods and clothing outfitter for professional footballers in the 1st and 2nd league. So we transferred him to Die ElbMonteure. Now Florin manages our warehouse with machines, tools and clothing. He has the absolute overview and always knows where which tool is located.


Andrei aka "Bobby" is not only an excellent kicker, flexible in different positions. He is also a top rounder in the job. On the one hand, he supports his father Florin in the warehouse and in the tool management of Die ElbMonteure. On the other hand, Andrei helps our software and fleet guru Christian. In addition, Andrei takes care of new employees, so that they feel comfortable in the team from day one.

SABINE STRECKER, Office/accounting

Our number cruncher Sabine has been with us since 2018 and takes care of the bookkeeping of ElbMonteure GmbH. As the mother of a daughter, who is currently undergoing training, Sabine has everything under control even in her job.

Normen Goos, accounting

Normen is originally from Kiel, but grew up in Hamburg – then he moved to Ratzeburg in Schleswig-Holstein a few years ago because of love. In terms of his ElbMonteure job and passion for the "Hamburger Sportverein" Normen is of course still closely linked to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Speaking of passion: the former manager of a car wash not does not only love accounting, but also Denmark, the Mediterranean, geocaching, concerts and festivals. Great to have Normen in the team.


Eldina has everything under control, especially the EDP. As a trained office clerk she brings order to the store and teaches the boys to behave properly - always with a charming smile at the start. Nice to have Eldina in the team.


Whether it's an introductory round, the writing of certificates, the drafting of employment contracts, the staff disposition, the processing of vacation applications, master data maintenance, correspondence, booking of accommodation or quotation: Tabea has it all – and enriches Die ElbMonteure every single day. Great!


Meryem convinces with friendliness at the reception and does a lot of paperwork for ElbMonteure Service GmbH. In addition, Meryem takes care of the accommodations of the technicians who are traveling throughout Germany. Here, the trained businesswoman for office communication benefits from her know-how from two years of experience in a travel agency.

Tomasz ratajczak, Project Leader Welding Technology

One man, one word: Thomas is Mister Reliable. As a trained TIG welder, Tomasz has provided an incredible number of major construction sites for clean welding work in recent years. We are happy to have such a top man on board.


As one of 30 head-fitters, Norbert has been loyal to us for many years and works top-reliable on various major construction sites, responsible for teams with a strength of 4 to 20 men. By the way: As a gas welder Norbert is a genius. He has his other strengths in the heating / sanitary sector – from the heating center to luxury final assembly.


Adam has been working for Die ElbMonteure since 2013 and leads reliable teams of 4 to 12 men. To date, there is only good feedback from our clients. We know that you can rely on Adam - no matter what. As a trained electrician and additional training to install plumbing heating refrigeration, he simply knows what to do, and in a variety of disciplines.

Mariusz Bujarski, Head Fitter

Mariusz is from Włocławek in Poland, has been living in Germany since 2014 and since 2016 has been working hard at Die ElbMonteure. As a master of ventilation engineering, Mariusz loves all manholes, all the associated challenges and, for a long time, the German language as well. Under his leadership, up to 10 fitters act on a variety of construction sites – from hotels to industrial construction.


Krysztof comes from Wrocław, has been in Germany since 2014 and has been enriching Die ElbMonteure since 2016. As a heating / plumbing / refrigeration professional, he already had his own company in Poland.

Krysztof also takes on responsibility at Die ElbMonteure, usually for a team of 6 highly motivated fitters. Good for our clients - and good for us!

Alexandru Patakfalvi, Head Fitter

Alexandru is a qualified plumbing, water and gas plumber. In addition to his native Romanian, the reliable all-rounder also speaks German very well. A great reinforcement.

COsmin Lepadatu, Head Fitter

As an installer in the areas of sanitary, thermal and gas technology, our Romanian specialist Cosmin is also familiar with all aspects of wastewater technology. Great to have him in the team.

Victor Vislocky, Head Fitter

Victor and his brother Thomas are inseparable. Accordingly, the two always work together on various construction sites of ElbMonteure. And at the same time, with their open nature and friendliness, they are always in a good mood.

Victor has been with Die ElbMonteute since 2016 and has the most fun in the areas of ventilation and sanitary.

Thomas Vislocky, Head Fitter

Thomas has been in Germany since 2013 and, like his brother Victor, speaks perfect German. In addition to doing great work together with Victor on our construction sites, Thomas enjoys going to festivals or "gambling" on the PS4.


Adam and his family are located in Güstrow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), but originally he comes from the still to the east located area around Gdansk. The professional in the field of heating, sanitation and ventilation has been living in Germany since 2012 - and since 2015 has been working for Die ElbMonteure. Whether in German or Polish: Our organizational talent Adam coordinates as a senior fitter up to 12 men on a variety of construction sites, from the university hospital to the hotel on the Baltic Sea.


As a trained plant mechanic for ventilation technology, Michal is not only familiar with the supply of fresh air. He is also considered a well-rounded all-rounder, leading teams with up to 6 men with clarity and serenity. Since Michal is already in the country since 2006, he speaks a very good German. Very advantageous, because his big goal is to act later as a Foreman or project Manager.


Usnicyk has proven itself with its assembly skills since 2008 on countless construction sites, since 2014 especially in the field of sanitary technology. Since 2015 Usnicyk lives in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Besides handicraft skills, he also has a degree in social economy and social work. His greatest strength: flexibility and pure experience! No matter if it's about water, heating, ventilation, drainage or pipeline construction.

Maurycy Skowronski , Head Fitter

Maurycy is from Konin in Poland, has been living in Germany since 2015 and since the beginning of 2018 has done a great job for Die ElbMonteure.

As a senior fitter, Maurycy is not just acting in his favorite segment called sanitary engineering. Even with heating and ventilation, he is "on the ball". Currently, the car and motorcycle lover leads up to 13 fitters on our construction sites. Great to have him with us.

Our Company

ElbMonteure acts as a subcontractor / personnel service provider for the reliable execution of installation, installation and maintenance services exclusively for specialist companies. At fair conditions including tools and machines. Contact us! 

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