Housing construction in Hamburg's „City-Nord“

Several teams of Die ElbMonteure are currently busy building heating and plumbing installations for a leading company in Schwerin. In this project with hundreds of apartments The ElbMonteure appear as a subcontractor and give warranty according to VOB. Probably until the end of 2019 we are busy working in the “City-Nord”.


The fact that new living space in Hamburg is needed, is beyond any question, because by 2035 Hamburg is growing by ten percent to more than two million inhabitants, according to the latest study "The demographic situation of the nation" of the Berlin Institute. No other state expects such a population increase. If the study is justified, approximately 180,000 more people will be living in Hamburg in just over 15 years than they will be in 2017. Only if the Senate can by then enforce its self-imposed goal with 10 000 building permits per year will housing suffice.


Personnel service providers and temporary work in the focus of the industry 

The housing projects bring many construction companies to their limits of efficiency, including participating TGA companies, which deal with topics such as heating, plumbing, refrigeration, ventilation and electrical. With the core staff both Hamburg and external companies can barely handle their well-filled order books. The extreme order situation makes renowned subcontractors and personnel service providers such as Die ElbMonteure the sought-after support in residential construction. More than 400 ElbMonteure are already in action in Hamburg and many other federal states. Ascending trend. The ElbMonteure perform much more than just temporary work, in many cases they also take over the entire coordination on the construction sites - in other words, they often act on their own initiative. Top senior mechanics and experienced masters make it possible - and justify the trust of the contracting companies for many years.


A weakening of the current construction boom in Hamburg and many other metropolitan areas of Germany is currently not in sight. Good for the construction industry – and for Die ElbMonteure.

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ElbMonteure acts as a subcontractor / personnel service provider for the reliable execution of installation, installation and maintenance services exclusively for specialist companies. At fair conditions including tools and machines. Contact us! 

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