In addition to many other construction sites throughout Germany, we are currently also active in the Hanseatic City of Bremen: Specifically, we are busy installing the Überseestadt Office Center, a six-storey office building with a load-bearing outer facade and state-of-the-art building technology. Several ElbMonteure teams assemble the sprinkler system as well as heating and sanitary systems on site.


The building in the Consul-Smidt-Str. 21 in Bremen shows optically and constructively special refineries. The office space is cleverly designed so that it can be flexibly adapted to changing usage requirements at any time. In addition to the dignified main entrance on the street side, two further, each side entrance portals lead into the interior of the building.


A nice project for the parent company of some reliable clients of Die ElbMonteure: The Zech Group from Bremen comprises a wide variety of business areas and companies, for example Renke Gebäudetechnik GmbH and Bremer Ecotech GmbH, which also devotes itself to planning and the management of home and building technology. The traditional Rud. Otto Meyer Technik GmbH & Co. KG (ROM Technik) is also part of the Zech Group.



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ElbMonteure acts as a subcontractor / personnel service provider for the reliable execution of installation, installation and maintenance services exclusively for specialist companies. At fair conditions including tools and machines. Contact us! 

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