"ARD-aktuell" at NDR in Hamburg is the joint editorial office of all ARD broadcasters (German television) for the current television programs "Tagesschau", "Tagesthemen" and "Nachtmagazin" and "tagesschau24" and the online offer "tagesschau.de". The staff of all these editorships are expected to work in the fall of 2019 in an emerging new construction on an area of 1996 square meters. For the construction, a total of about 13.7 million euros are estimated. On board are the Die ElbMonteure, who are currently assembling diligently in terms of heating and cooling - in support of the Neu-Isenburg Real Estate and Facility Management company Apleona.


The new building for the news house in Hamburg-Lokstedt connects directly to the existing house, in addition to ARD-aktuell with "entertainment" and "sports" also two NDR television program areas are housed. The extension was designed by the Brunswick architecture firm struhkarchitekten.


Die ElbMonteure are currently busy with the black tube assembly, but the entire project involves significantly more tasks: We are responsible for the installation of 66 m 250 steel pipe, 645 m cooling network steel, the complete cooling subdistribution, 4 circulating air coolers and 8 shaft coolers. When it comes to heating there is another demanding "to-do list": the installation of 116 radiators, 66 m 200 steel pipe (TIG welded), the sub-distribution heating complete, 1,403 m steel pipe (autogenously welded) and the installation of two plate heat exchangers for hot water preparation. Let's go for it, men!


Smart docked to existing infrastructure

By the way, a broadcast studio is not planned in the new building, so the proven studio of Tagesschau, Tagessthemen and tagesschau24 will remain in its former place, especially since it is reachable from the annex. The supply of the newsroom with energy, water and IT lines was planned pragmatically, so the new house is simply docked to the existing editorial building.

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