Up to 24 meters high, 99 meters wide and 385 meters long: The dimensions of the new shipbuilding hall of the MV shipyards immediately impress. Here in Rostock-Warnemünde large sections for cruise ships are created. So that nobody has to freeze when installing the boat in cool weather, a team of Die ElbMonteure will install the heating systems for the halls.

For largest cruise ships ever

With a volume of around 80 million euros, the construction of the shipbuilding hall is one of the largest MV shipyards in corporate investment in recent decades. One of the showpieces of the hall complex will be a semiautomatic panel line, one of the world's most advanced welding facilities. It is able to produce panels of up to 25 x 16 meters. The applied laser hybrid technique allows welding at high speed and in the highest quality with less heat input. Our welder boys got wet eyes when they got wind of it. "With the new plants, we will significantly increase the capacity of our steel prefabrication - and thus also our productivity," says MV Werften Managing Director Holger Tepper. In addition to the panel line, a section production line and a section equipment line will be housed in the new shipbuilding hall. Soon, the shipbuilding complex will produce 80 large sections per ship of the 342-meter-long Global Class, the largest cruise ship ever built in Germany.

By the way: Our direct client sits in our office building in Hamburg and looks at the construction site several times a week. So far, no complaints. There you can see what great neighborhood is worth. Thanks again for the order!

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