Aja, yes ... a lot has happened. Here is the summary of the most important events at Die ElbMonteure.




In May there was a new VW Sharan for our chief dispatcher. Have fun with the new vehicle, Artemio. And of course a good trip!



Not that Germany is not doing well. But when Dubai calls, we make it happen. We look forward to exciting weeks and months on site! 🚧 



Whether shopping malls, hotel construction, industrial construction or housing construction: controlled, hygienic ventilation is required everywhere. Especially nice if you can install them in fine weather, e.g. in Lübeck-Travemünde, directly at the mouth of the Trave in the Bay of Lübeck. But not only at the Baltic Sea and in the native city of Hamburg we install, but nationwide.


In 2017 alone, we installed more than 1 million square meters of ventilation ducts for our clients on major construction sites throughout Germany. Tendency in 2018? Going up! We gladly support specialist companies at any time, even on weekends when it is "on fire"! For example, in Travemünde, where our mechanics are currently supporting a hotel construction. Much to do in a great region with a real construction boom. Well over 13,000 guest beds should be in Lübeck and Travemünde until 2020. And the goal set in 2012 of having two million guest nights per year by 2020 is anything but utopian. For that we like to hit in.



We also have a lot to do in Nuremberg. For example, panel construction for Siemens. Great, because elaborate control panels are one of our favorite playing fields. A four-man squad of ElbMonteure installs a central office after another. Another four colleagues will follow suit next week. But not only at Siemens, but also at other well-known companies in the Nuremberg area, we have been installing regularly for a long time in the name of a loyal and esteemed client.


There is a lot to do, because in Nuremberg the construction boom continues. The building authority of the city of Nü has approved in 2017 projects with construction costs of 908 million euros. The approved areas also speak a clear language: in 2017, an impressive 201,000 square meters could be approved. For 2018, the trend looks similar. Great, because we love Frankenland - and the exciting jobs on site for our top teams!



For months, some of our assembly teams are traveling in Munich. The mission: tasks in housing construction. From the distribution of dwellings, bathrooms, radiators to the central building. Thanks guys, that you are so diligent!


We are currently considering booking Bavarian courses for our fitters, as the construction boom in Munich continues. Over the past 10 years, more than 100,000 new apartments have been built in Bavaria's state capital. Although last year about 12,000 apartments per year were newly built. However, according to expert opinion, about 15,000 new apartments per year would be needed to alleviate the need and possible rent explosion for the inhabitants. So, ElbMonteure are ready! 👍🏼




Our current 36 oxy-fuel and TIG welders stand their man every day and weld hundreds of welds from 15 to DN 500. The complete welding equipment such as welding machine gas and acetylene hoses, fittings, workbenches, angles, flanges, pulleys, etc. we bring of course with every construction site.

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